Sunday, August 8, 2010

Up the creek with a paddle and video cam

See this related commentary.
What’s the connection between extreme whitewater paddling and ice fishing? Having done both in the past, I’ve concluded that they’re early indicators of insanity. But hey, different paddle strokes for different folks. So while this site is aimed at “smooth water” paddlers, let’s share some exciting footage from Upper Cherry Creek in the Tuolumne watershed, up Yosemite way. whitewater kayaking

This is a class-5-plus-difficulty area, so even if you’ve had some whitewater experience, a virtual run via your monitor screen may be the best way to go. The site on which this video appears, “Kayak Videos,” features some good stuff. Also see the nice 2009 footage from the Santa Cruz Kayak Surf Festival.

And on a more rational note, find a recent discussion of whitewater and sea kayaking at Paddle California, run by NorCal Yak friend Bryant Burkhardt. Earlier this year, Bryant released a DVD that features excellent segments on flat water and whitewater kayaking trips.

For more info, see “Armchair kayaking,” a new NorCal Yak index category devoted to kayaker resources....whitewater kayaking California video