Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Kayaker marina tour: What's in a name?

Here’s an off-beat destination for off-season paddling – your local marina. Many kayakers don’t have much interest in power boating, but it’s always fun to see what floats other people’s boats.

Two leading contenders in the "naughty-cal" category (See next photo on jump page)


Off-season is the perfect time to cruise a marina because water traffic is minimal. And it’s a good way to enjoy a leisurely paddle while staying out of fast or rough water. (Of course, you need to heed “no trespassing” signs and stay off private docks.)

Some of us name our kayaks, but you rarely see them on a hull. It’s a strong tradition for larger craft. While a boat’s name is on the stern side, it’s often anything but serious. A recent tour of Sacramento marina slips (Freudian and otherwise) produced some entertaining photos….

First, do no harm to thy hull....and below, a prescription for relaxation

It may not be mobile, but it's one of Sacramento's oldest floating bar-restaurants
No name visible, but perhaps "Under repair, above water"

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