Thursday, June 30, 2011

12,000 hits and paddling with the flow

Second Lake Tahoe paddle in June -- yep, it was that good.  
Popped the hood on the kayak yesterday and noticed the sunscreen lotion tank was a quart low. Topped it off, then realized the NorCal Yak odometer had just rolled over 12,000 hits. That’s not even a ripple on the Web -- Amazon probably gets more hits every 15 minutes. But Amazon is just a place that sells everything. Kayaking days are priceless. Wait, that's a credit card commercial. Let's start over.

Where to begin? There have been major trips like Black Canyon, a gonzo adventure with a crew to match. And a local afternoon outing when raindrops fell softly on a gray lake and the joy of the moment shone in a friend’s eyes. Another rainy day, foolishly alone, when a river revealed its awesome power. Surprises, too. A shark post written half in jest last year still draws more hits than any other item. (A followup suggested that using the word “shark” repeatedly is to blogs what chumming the water with bloody bait is to, well, sharks.) sak river kayak lake kayak blog
The question most heard: "Why kayaking?” Don’t know, really. It’s a combination of things peaceful, exhilarating, meditative. Most of all, good times with other people on the water. Experiencing nature in a tangible way, like the spray of Lake Tahoe's Eagle Falls across the face. And then there’s giddy anticipation of what’s yet to come, if the Big Mamou looks down upon me favorably. A camping and kayaking trip to Shasta County next week. A river tour on the North Coast soon. As always, just going with the flow. Thanks for joining me.