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Sunday, March 10, 2019

Water's high, and so are kayaking hazards

Cosumnes Fire Department crew practicing rough water rescues on Lower American River (2017)

Many Northern California paddlers are dusting off their boats.... 

 ….but before that first launch of the season,  it’s time to review a safety check list. Especially since Northern Californian waters will be running extra high, fast and cold this spring. Long-time kayaking instructor Dan Crandall recently posted a comprehensive list of tips on his River Store web site.  While that post may be primarily  oriented toward the white-water crowd, it’s worth a read by flatwater kayakers, too.  Also check out this 2017 NorCal Yak post on high-water paddling with photos, videos, and some incidents that reinforce the need for extra safety this time of year. 

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